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Performance Economics has a deep record in the EB-5 field. It has worked with Regional Centers across the United States on projects in a variety of industries including: construction, leisure and hospitality, health care, retail, transportation and energy.

The USCIS EB-5 approval process for Regional Centers and projects is dynamic and changing all the time. PE’s economists stay informed about the latest guidelines and requirements put forth by the USCIS and are prepared to shepherd clients through this daunting stage of the EB-5 process.

At its core, the USCIS approval process requires for each EB-5 project an accounting of the jobs created by each project. A total of 10 jobs (direct, indirect and induced) must be created for each investor in the project to gain USCIS approval. PE provides the client with a comprehensive report detailing the number of direct, indirect and induced jobs created by their specific project and the underlying assumptions behind the job estimates. PE’s familiarity with the RIMS II and IMPLAN models favored by USCIS economists allows it to apply these models in the most straightforward and transparent manner.

PE also provides analysis required by the USCIS to form a Regional Center under the EB-5 program. PE can assist clients on the proper geographic scope and industry coverage for their regional center. PE’s economists can walk the client through the pros and cons of each choice when seeking to form a regional center. This ensures that the application will have the best chance to be adjudicated favorably by USCIS and that the Regional Center fits the needs of the clients’ future projects.


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