Rational Solutions for a Complex World




Performance Economics (PE) is a full-service economic consulting firm using applied economics to provide insightful solutions to help our clients make informed decisions about complex issues. PE’s experienced partners leverage state-of-the-art statistical techniques, economic modeling and financial analysis to bring clarity to the problems our clients are experiencing and to insure that their future course of action will be rewarding.

PE specializes in economic impact analysis for clients looking for USCIS approval for an EB-5 Regional Center or EB-5 Project. Our partners are well-versed in the RIMS II and IMPLAN models favored by USCIS economists.

Previously in their careers, some of PE’s partners worked at the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimating many of the underlying variables used to construct the RIMS II and IMPLAN models. They have a deep understanding of the theoretical building blocks of these models and are therefore well-positioned to apply them in the most effective manner.

In addition to EB-5 economic impact analysis, PE provides industry market sizing for private sector clients, state and local tax revenue forecasting for public sector clients, assessment of economic impacts of federal, state and local regulatory changes, social cost-benefit analysis, return on investment (ROI) of public and private capital expenditures, and economic impact studies.

PE’s professional staff has the background and experience to tackle the most daunting of economic issues and the flexibility to partner with clients of all sizes.

Performance Economics responds to STRI's critique of Accelerated Sales Tax Remittance Study
May 21, 2020